YoBoHo specializes in creating and distributing digital-first content. Brands under the kids vertical include the massively popular HooplaKidz - a world leader in digital family entertainment along with All Babies Channel, and many more. Apart from kids content, there is a vast library of knowledge content created for young adults and recipes content for a growing audience in home cooking.

YoBoHo also acquires premium kids’ content to be distributed globally through the vast network and aids the growth of an IP on digital platforms with its extensive expertise.

YoBoHo Network

YoBoHo’s digital video network is in association with BBTV, a leading global digital entertainment company. The multifaceted network houses licensed and original content across international markets, bringing together top tier animation, live-action entertainment, and creators for a range of platforms.

YoBoHo Properties

YoBoHo produces a diverse range of original content under 3 verticals - Kids, Knowledge and Recipes.

The Kids vertical includes the world-renowned HooplaKidz, Annie & Ben, All Babies Channel, KidsCamp, Teehee Town, Kent The Elephant and Chiki Art, which feature educational sing-a-longs, arts & crafts and nursery rhymes. These brands are crafted to captivate young audiences spanning toddlers to early learners. Our animated series, The Adventures of Annie & Ben (available in multiple languages), Momo and Tulus and Mango Minutes provide children with an entertaining learning experience.

The Knowledge vertical showcases YouCurious? and LAB 360 featuring snackable content to feed the curious minds of young adults and science enthusiasts.

The Recipes vertical features tutorial videos of trending and easy to prepare desserts and savory treats for an older audience with Nyam Nyam, Cooking Co., Kitchen Tikka and Hoopla Recipes

Hooplakidz Plus
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YoBoHo has launched it’s very own SVOD app HooplaKidz Plus - your child’s first video app and a must-have app for parents. With an objective to educate children by engaging them with quality entertainment in a safe and ad-free environment, HooplaKidz Plus is curated by experts and is one of the best learning apps for kids. Parents can be rest assured as their child enjoys safe and quality screen time with HooplaKidz Plus, and also watch offline with the ‘download and go’ option.

Available on:

  • ios
  • apple tv
  • android
  • android tv
  • roku
  • amazon fire tv


YoBoHo has a large library of over 900 songs featuring a collection of classic nursery rhymes, original songs and popular songs from HooplaKidz, Annie & Ben, KidsCamp, Teehee Town and All Babies Channel. They are available on multiple audio platforms Spotify, Apple Music, Prime Music and YouTube Music, fetching over 500K streams a month.


With a vast catalog of over 15,000 videos across various genres and 12 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi and more, YoBoHo’s content touches every corner of the world and is available in premium packages and standalone formats for licensing across various platforms.

YoBoHo’s extensive catalogue offers original content in:

Apart from YouTube, the content of YoBoHo is available on various OTT platforms like:

  • prime video
  • roku
  • xumo
  • ki doodle tv
  • mama tv
  • toon goggles
  • pluto
  • tubi tv
  • apple music
  • youtube music
  • spotify
  • prime music

About YoBoHo

YoBoHo New Media Private Limited, a subsidiary of BBTV Holdings Inc. (TSX: BBTV), is a global digital media company that specializes in creating, distributing and licensing original content in the kids & family, lifestyle and education verticals. YoBoHo owns & operates HooplaKidz, the leading digital-first producer of high-quality original content for kids and families all over the world. Today, YoBoHo’s library is available in 12 languages and its content is distributed across various leading digital platforms, including YouTube, Amazon, Apple TV, Roku, and YoBoHo’s mobile app: HooplaKidz Plus.

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